June 19, 2023

How To Move Your Out-of-State LLC to Texas

focused doubtful mature businessman reading contract document thinking considering risks with professional lawyersRelocating an out-of-state Limited Liability Company (LLC) to Texas can provide many strategic benefits, including access to a thriving business climate and significant tax advantages. However, the process involves navigating through a labyrinth of legal procedures and requirements. 

Primary Options when  Transferring an LLC To Texas

Transferring an out-of-state LLC to Texas involves several procedural options, each with its own implications. Here’s a list of the primary options:

Under this option, you continue to operate your LLC in the original state, and you register your business as a foreign LLC in Texas. This requires maintaining compliance with regulations in both states, but it allows for business operations in both locations.

You would officially dissolve your LLC in the original state and then form a new LLC in Texas. It requires a complete re-establishment of the business in Texas.

You can convert your out-of-state LLC into a Texas LLC by filing a Certificate of Conversion. This effectively transforms your existing LLC into a Texas entity, requiring compliance with Texas laws and regulations.

Domestication is a process where your LLC changes its “home state” from the original state to Texas. You would file a Certificate of Domestication with the Texas Secretary of State. Post-domestication, your LLC becomes a Texas entity and is no longer considered an entity of the original state.

In this scenario, you create a new LLC in Texas and merge the existing out-of-state LLC into the new Texas LLC. This results in the termination of the original LLC and the transfer of all assets and liabilities to the new Texas LLC.

Each of these options has its own pros and cons, and the best choice depends on your specific circumstances, future plans, and the current structure of your business. It’s highly recommended to consult with a Texas business lawyer at Villeda Law Group to understand which option is the most suitable for your business’s needs.

Moving Your Out-of-State LLC to Texas

Navigating the complexities of business relocation can be daunting; however, a systematic approach can streamline the process.

Before initiating the relocation process, familiarize yourself with Texas’s laws and regulations governing LLCs. These include formation requirements, tax obligations, and compliance rules. 

Every LLC in Texas is required to have a registered agent who can receive legal and other official documents on the company’s behalf. The agent can be an individual or a registered agent service, but they must have a physical location in Texas and be available during standard business hours.

This is a key document you’ll need to file with the Texas Secretary of State. It signifies your intent to relocate and officially converts your out-of-state LLC into a Texas entity. 

These vital documents should be updated to reflect the changes due to your LLC’s relocation to Texas. Ensure that these documents meet Texas’s specific requirements. 

Your LLC’s assets, contracts, licenses, and registrations will need to be transferred to Texas. You should also notify all relevant parties, such as clients, suppliers, and government agencies, about your move and update your business address across all platforms.

Texas has specific tax laws for LLCs, including the requirement to register for the Texas Franchise Tax. It’s crucial to understand these laws, comply with all reporting and payment deadlines, and strategize for optimal tax benefits. 

Your business may require specific state or local permits or licenses in Texas. Conduct thorough research to identify these and complete all necessary registrations, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Even with a step-by-step guide, moving your LLC to Texas can be a complicated process. Having attorneys in McAllen, TX, from Villeda Law Group, on your side can help ensure a smooth transition. Their tailored advice can make your move a success, while their extensive legal services can support your ongoing business operations.

The process of moving your out-of-state LLC to Texas may seem daunting, but with meticulous planning and legal guidance, it can be a strategic decision propelling your business’s growth and success.

Facilitating a Smooth Transition with Villeda Law Group

The decision to move your out-of-state LLC to Texas can be both challenging and rewarding. By seeking professional assistance from attorneys at Villeda Law Group you can ensure a seamless transition. Leverage the promising business environment of Texas and facilitate your LLC’s growth by contacting Villeda Law Group for tailored legal guidance today.