Federal and State Forfeitures

The government has seized your land, house, bank account, car, boat, airplane, cash or other items?

You have rights in this situation, including the right to have a lawyer represent you in your effort to recover your property. The Villeda Law Group has handled forfeiture cases, including the recovery of multiple millions of dollars seized by the government (results vary). We can represent you in your forfeiture case.

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What we do

Our first step will be to notify the Court and the government that you are being represented by us. Then, we will analyze your case and assert defenses that you may have in an effort to prevent the government from permanently taking your property. Our objective is to obtain a partial or total return to you of your seized assets (results vary).

There are Deadlines in your Case; So Act Quickly.

The longer that you wait, the lower your chance of getting your assets returned by the government.

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Handling Forfeiture Cases On A Contingency Basis.

We can discuss a “contingency” fee arrangement with you. “Contingency” means that you do not pay anything out-of-pocket for the time that we spend on your case; instead, our fee in the forfeiture case is a percentage of the property / money that we recover from the government.