How To Contest A Will In Texas?

February 19, 2024

Contesting a will is a sensitive and complex matter, often arising during emotionally charged times. In Texas, understanding the timeframe and legal nuances involved in contesting a will is crucial.  Understanding the Basics: Contesting a Will in Texas Contesting a will is a critical legal procedure that challenges the validity of a deceased person’s last […]

Evidence Sufficient To Show Lack Of Testamentary Capacity

February 05, 2024

When planning for the future, especially in the realm of estate planning, understanding the concept of testamentary capacity is crucial. This legal term refers to a person’s mental ability to understand and execute a will. At Villeda Law Group, we recognize the complexities surrounding this issue, especially when disputes arise questioning a will’s validity. In […]

Can You Legally Contest a Will in Texas?

January 22, 2024

In Texas, like in most states, you have the right to legally contest a will if you believe it is invalid or if you were unfairly excluded from it. However, there are specific grounds for contesting a will, and you must file your challenge within a certain timeframe. Understanding the Grounds for Contesting a Will […]

What Happens If You Die Without a Will in Texas?

January 08, 2024

In the grand scheme of life, it’s easy to overlook the importance of estate planning. After all, who wants to dwell on the morbid subject of death and taxes? However, creating a will in Texas is one of the most crucial decisions you can make for yourself and your loved ones. It ensures that your […]

Build A Strong Estate Plan With Five Strategies

December 18, 2023

Creating a solid estate plan is a crucial step in ensuring your assets and loved ones are protected. Let’s dive into the five comprehensive strategies that form the cornerstone of a strong estate plan. Strategy 1: Define Your Goals The foundation of a robust estate plan is understanding and defining your goals. What are your […]

FAQs about Texas Wills and Estate Planning

December 04, 2023

Understanding the intricacies of estate planning, including wills and trusts in Texas, is vital for safeguarding your future and that of your loved ones. At Villeda Law Group, located in the heart of McAllen, Texas, we navigate you through these complex legal terrains. Here, we address some frequently asked questions about estate planning in Texas, […]

Texas Estate Planning 101: Things to Know

November 20, 2023

Embarking on a road trip without a map or GPS can be a perilous adventure. Similarly, navigating life’s financial journey without a comprehensive estate plan is equally risky. In this blog post, let’s discuss the basics of Texas estate planning.  The Necessity of Estate Planning Estate planning is the thoughtful process of organizing assets and […]

Estate Planning Documents Every Caregiver Needs in Texas

November 06, 2023

As a caregiver, you play an important role in the life of your loved one. You help them with their daily needs, make sure they are safe and healthy, and provide emotional support. But what happens if you are no longer able to be their caregiver? Or, what happens if your loved one becomes incapacitated […]

Steps To Drafting Enforceable Non-Compete Agreements In Texas

October 23, 2023

You’ve nurtured your business from a fledgling startup to a robust enterprise. Your team is the backbone of this success, but what happens if a key employee decides to work for your competitor or start a rival company? In the complex landscape of business law, this is where Non-Compete Agreements (NCAs) step in. However, getting an […]

Franchise Dispute Resolution: Can I Sue My Franchise?

October 09, 2023

You’ve invested significant time, money, and effort into building your franchise business. You followed the rule book, worked diligently, and expected the franchisor to do their part. But then, conflicts arise—unresolved disputes that become roadblocks in your journey to success.  If you are a franchisee who is having a dispute with your franchisor, you may […]